July 24, 2012

White Coat Ceramony

So I have officially lost my Husband for the next 4 years... sigh... :)
This past Sunday we attended Justin's White Coat Ceramony which signifies his entry into medical school.  The parts of the ceremony that I saw were very impressive!  Unfortunatly Trace did not find them as entertaining as I did, which is why I spent most of the ceremony out in the hall... 

This was who I got to hang out with while the ceremony was going on!
He played in the grass for the first time! and subsequently ate grass for the first time...
But I was able to see the important parts before Trace freaked out!  Justin and the rest of his class walked in. Then later he walked up on stage and got his white coat (the symbol of a healer), and after that they all took the Hippocratic Oath and promised to help the world!
Justin walking down after recieving his white coat!
Thanks to Justin's Mom for taking these great pictures!
Justin's parents took time off from their busy, busy post mission lives to come down and celebrate this happy day with us!  

Trace still has not mastered looking at the camera and smiling..

Trace loves his dada!
And all in all it was a great day to celebrate Justin's achievements thus far! Good luck on the next 4 years Justin!!


  1. Yay! That's great that his parents were able to come. We enjoyed Dan's white coat ceremony and wished we would have been able to share it with family. Unfortunately we didn't get very many pictures.

  2. Thanks Kara for posting this! We sure enjoyed being with your darling family. I cried seeing Justin in his white coat on your blog. I know you will be making a huge sacrifice.