December 13, 2010

I LOVE FENG SHOOOO (in the words of Justin mimicking Kung Fu Panda)

This semester i took a History and Philosophy of Biology class at BYU... it was an interesting class to say the least, but looking back now, I think I enjoyed it... I'm sure I'll have fonder memories the farther in the past it gets! anyways! A big topic we covered was the differences between Science, and Pseudoscience. And to learn/proove our knowledge in this area our professors had us pick an iffy idea that people swear is science and then check it out to see if its a bunch of hooey or not. So my group chose feng shui! It was such a fun topic to study and I learned alot about it, but you guys probably don't care and/or want to be bored to death by me telling you ALL about an old Chinese custom... so instead I'll just say this... for the project I feng shui'd (feng shooeyed?) our bedroom and I think it looks a TON better!


(Thanks to Kayla for Lending me the wall art!)

I wish I could show a virtual tour or something cause there are other things too that make it look good... and the light in that last picture isn't great but you get the idea!!

Oh, and if you are wondering my group decided that feng shui is definitely a pseudo science... for real!