January 31, 2012

He's Getting HUGE!

So I don't know when or how it happened but suddenly Trace looks GINORMOUS to me! I'm pretty sure that he is just going through one long growth spurt since he was born. I am so excited that he is growing and that he is learning new things. But at the same time it makes me sad because i feel like it is all happening so fast! But here are some pictures to show you what life is like for Trace since he was born 7 weeks ago!

1 day old Trace
He is already getting a million picures taken of him!

2 days old
Bringing him home and of course he is fast asleep like he was for most of his first few weeks!

The poor little guy had Jaundice so he did some serious sun-bathing!
This him sitting in the sun pondering the meaning of life.

He is the most popular person in our house!
Justin and I have facetimed/skyped more since Trace was born than ever before. And it's not us people want to see, it's Trace!
Here is Trace with some of his Aunts!

He poops a TON!
This is Trace next to the poop log from the Diaper Genie!

Trace watches a lot of Basketball games with his dad.
This is Justin and Trace on Christmas Day watching the Mav's vs. Heat game.
Side Story: The first night we had Trace in the hospital Justin took him in his arms and said, "Trace, important people to know are; first, Jesus Christ, second, Lebron James!"...
haha! there were more people on the list after Lebron but I forget who they were... This shows us all where Justin's priorities lie, first to God (thank goodness), and second to Basketball.
Yes I sure hope Trace will enjoy watching/playing basketball because that is what his dad loves to do most! :)

Trace makes a lot of funny faces!

Trace get's a lot of lovin' from his mama!
(He doesn't get the whole look at the camera part of pictures yet)

Trace get's some pretty cool hair styles!
A personal favorite of ours is the fohawk

Trace has finally decided that he doesn't have to scream during his entire bath!
(He still does not look to excited... but trust me, this face is an improvement!)

Here is 6 week old Trace!
11 lbs and 24 inches tall!

Yes, Trace is a cutie, and we are loving having his funny little personality in our family!

January 25, 2012

Oh Baby Baby!

Once upon a time 6 weeks ago we had a baby! On tuesday December 13th I went in to the doctors for a simple check up. While there I was told that I was indeed going into labor and that my blood pressure was a little high. So Dr. Gebert told me to walk myself on downstairs and check myself into labor and delivery and he would be there shortly to check up on my progress! So I called Justin and told him to grab the hospital bag, then I called my mom and told her to get on the next flight to Dallas, and I waddled myself on down to labor and delivery!
So I checked into the hospital at 11:00 am. My water broke at 12:00 pm. I got an epidural at 3:00 pm. My mom made it to the hospital room by 5:30 pm, thanks to Jerry's fast driving (and of course having the Camero helped as well)! And at 6:53 pm our lives changed forever when little Trace Justin Martin came into the world at 6 lbs 7 ounces and 18 inches tall!

Justin and I at the hospital!

My dad on facetime before the delivery!

Trace came out screaming!

Our first family picture!

Justin is one proud dad!

I just love my little man!

Jerry and Sara helped us out so much! We owe them big time!
Here is a picture of Trace and his Uncle Jerry!
(a friend of ours commented that Jerry is holding Trace like a football... haha)

I was so relieved that my mom made it there in time! I'll tell you that nothing makes you appreciate your mom more than having a baby...
Trace and his Grandma Robison!

We just love "The Baby Trace"

All in all the pregnancy was fine... a little uncomfortable in the end... but fine. Delivery was a piece of cake! Seriously though, thank heavens for modern medicine and epidurals! And the first two weeks after were AWFUL! ya... people don't really prepare you for that... BUT, every time I hold Trace and look at his cute little face I just think about how it was all worth it! We love him and we are so happy to have this handsome little man in our family!