April 9, 2012

Justin speaks Parseltongue...

For those who don't know Justin and his brother Jerry have a snake breeding business!
Apparently Justin grew up with pet snakes, and about a year and a half ago Justin convinced me that we should get a ball python.  Being a science teacher in training I thought it would be fun to own a pet that I could maybe take into class with me some day.  So we purchased a little ball python and named her Zeus.  (Yes, Zeus is a male name... we thought she was a male for about a year before we found out she was in fact a lady snake!  But by then it was too late to change, so poor Zeus will just have to live with her masculine birth name for forever!)
Around the same time we got Zeus Jerry bought a ball python and then he bought a couple more and decided he wanted to breed them.  At first Justin was just giving Jerry "advice" in his business.  However one day much to my surprise the discussion turned from "Jerry's snake business" to "Our snake business".  And that was the birth of JMBP's Since then their 2 snakes have turned into 15 SNAKES!
Their logo that Skyler Thiot helped them make

Here are some of the snakes!
Bengal the Ghost Het Carmel Albino Ball Python

Daisy the Albino Ball Python

Sahara the Desert Ball Python

Carmen the Carmel Albino Spider Ball Python
(Justin's Favorite!)

And here is the URL to their website: http://www.jmballpythons.com/

No worries, they are all locked in their cubbies upstairs, and no snakes have escaped since we installed the locks...  
So the first comment I get when I tell people about the snakes is "Wow you are a great wife for letting your husband do that"... and to that comment I respond "do you think I have any control over Justin and what he does?!"  haha no!  No, Justin is his own man, and in most things he takes my opinions into consideration.  But if he really wants something... he'll get it!
The next thing they ask is"what are your feelings about the snakes?"  The answer to this question is that I am indifferent.   I don't really mind the snakes, mainly because they don't take up a lot of room, and they are upstairs so I don't ever have to see them if I don't want to.  Also, I don't have to clean or feed them, Justin and Jerry do all of the dirty work.  And the business does actually have the capability to earn quite a bit of money in the upcoming years if Justin and Jerry go through with it!  But I do get some funny looks when I tell people my husband is a snake breeder... haha oh well!

So if you are ever bored check out the website!  Hopefully the first eggs will be hatching this time next year, and we'll see where this little business venture of theirs goes from there!