March 15, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

Recently we traveled down to Las Vegas for my brother Nathan's birthday! Justin and I decided to surprise my family and show up right before Nate's own surprise party started! It was so fun to surprise my family and to see Nate with his friends!

For his party we went to sky zone which is a giant warehouse full of trampolines. Nate and Justin loved it! they were jumping all over, doing flips, running up onto the walls, and then played some dodgeball. Katie and I opted out of the dodgeball experience because the boys were throwing the balls at 1 million miles per hour (not an exaggeration)! But I did go in for one round, and I ended up with a giant welt on my legs! haha But, all in all Nates party was a lot of fun and I'll put up some pictures once I get them from my dad!

Here's a picture of Sky zone! It's so much fun!

The next day Justin and my siblings helped me make a movie for my Teaching With Technology class. The movie is supposed to replicate a movie that I might assign to my own students one day. Since I'm going to teach biology one day I chose to make a movie about Bacteria! We had so much fun making the movie, and I appreciate all their help!

Sooo, here is the movie! I hope you enjoy it! :)