March 18, 2012

July through November 2011 catch up...

I eventually want to print out these blogs to use as a sort of journal, if you will... so in order to better remember our families history I have a few things i need to write about in a little catch up blog from the second half of last year.  

At the end of June we moved to Plano, Texas.  Surprisingly I have no pictures from this move which is unfortunate because if was a pretty memorable experience.  Especially breaking down in the middle of the desert and having to get the van fixed up in Monticello, UT... good times with the moving van!

In July we headed back West for the annual Lake Powell trip where we lived "On the Edge of Glory" for a week with my momma's side of the family
    My awesome siblings (minus karly who is hiding behind me!)
After this Justin headed back to Texas and I attended the Robison family reunion up in Island Park Idaho.
After the reunion I flew out to LA to attend Jerry and Sara's wedding in the LA temple!  It was fun for us to be able to visit our temple again as well!  The wedding was simple and beautiful and we have LOVED having Sara in the Martin family!
What a great looking couple!

My nephews Josh, Dallin, and I asleep in the van on the way home from the Temple

At the end of July my amazing Grandpa Robison passed away.   Justin and I were fortunate enough to be able to travel to Idaho to attend his funeral with all of my family.  It was an amazing experience to be able to celebrate his life!  We miss him so much.  But I am so grateful for the atonement and the hope that it gives that we will see him again soon and be with our family forever!

On August 20th we celebrated TWO years of marriage!  That is crazy to me!  We experienced so much in those two years and grew so much closer as a couple!  It seemed like they just flew by because we were so busy and having so much fun!  Anyways... for our celebration we spent a couple days in down town Dallas!  Here we are feeding Giraffs at the Dallas Zoo!

Here is Justin touching the hungry giraffes!
 Side Note:  Justin is probably the funniest person to go to the zoo with because at every single exhibit he attempts to mimic that animals sound in order to get the animals to come closer to him!  I tried to record him but he caught on to me pretty fast and refused to make the animal noises until I stopped... so I did because it was way more fun when he did make the animal noises.  Anyways... I hope that everyone gets the experience of attending a zoo with him at some point in their lifetime.. it's just one of those things you have to experience!

In September and October we were pretty busy with work and being pregnant... that is to say I was busy with being pregnant and Justin was busy with dealing with me being pregnant.
I got a job at REI in Dallas, which for me was like working in Heaven.  And Justin got 2 jobs, one at the PGA superstore, which for him was also like working in Heaven.  And the second was doing dry cleaning delivery with Brother Bickmore in our ward.

Also I got a crazy skin rash on my legs and found out I was allergic to Neosporin which is LAME!  ... haha who is allergic to Neosporin?!  I am apparently!
Here is me with swollen ankles and my skin rash...  ridiculous!
In November we said goodbye to another grandparent.  Justin's Grandma Johnson passed away on November 2nd.  Luckily I was not too far along to fly so we were both able to make it out to Moab for her funeral.  It was amazing to be able to learn about her life and the amazing legacy she left behind. This was the first time that Justin and his siblings had all been together since before Justin's mission!  It was awesome to be able to see all 8 siblings interacting together!
The Martin Clan
The rest of the year went by so fast!  Kindra and Niel and their kids came out for Thanksgiving which I again have no pictures of (I am slacker with the camera some times I guess).  I stopped working at REI on the December 9th and then we had Trace on December 13th!

All in all 2011 was an amazing year.  But so far, because of Trace, 2012 has been even better!