November 11, 2011

January - June Catch up!!

I have been wanting to get these posts done for a long time and I am starting to realize that once the little guy comes I probably won't have the time/energy to do it so i'm just going to do a few posts to get caught up on this year so far!

This is the BEAUTIFUL cake that the lovely talented Jenae made for my 23rd birthday back in January! It is basically the perfect cake because it combines 2 of the best things ever... chocolate and strawberries!

Here is Justin and our friend Dan Neff posing with the Valentines day craft that Marie Neff and I made! The Neffs are awesome friends and we've missed them a lot since we've moved!

I was an Activity Days leader for the 8-12 year old girls in our provo family ward! I miss those girls so much! We had grand times together and it was probably one of the best callings ever!

Christopher gets home from the Dominican Republic! Justin and I got to travel down California to hear Chris's homecoming talk and for little Dallin's baby blessing!
Side note, this was the first time I had met Chris after Justin and I being married for a year and a half! haha It was a fun time!

We visited Hoover Dam! Living in Vegas I don't take the opportunity to be a tourist very often but in March we took the time to be tourists and take fun pictures! The visit to the dam was fun and of course full of some great dam jokes! My favorite joke is one Justin tells. It goes like this...
What did the fish say when he ran into the wall?
what did the fish's friend say?
Dumb Bass!

We tried to take those pictures where you look like your are holding the bridge up in the air and Justin's photography skills are pretty good! He was able to guide my hands till I looked pretty convincing!

my skills on the other hand leave a lot to be desired! haha poor Justin's picture does not look as good!

I completed my student teaching and some long term subbing at Orem Junior High. This is my white board at the end of the school year, it acted as my "year book". The students were amazing and It was a great experience all around!

We went to a Jazz vs, Mavericks game in Salt Lake City with Alyssa, Blake and Chris! I will tell you that it is a fun experience to go to an NBA game with a group of people who are cheering against the home team... haha Alyssa and Justin were pretty vocal about their love for the Mavs which brought us a lot of funny looks!

So anyways... those were just a few pics from earlier this year that I wanted to get on the blog! I'll post pictures from after we moved to Texas laters!

November 9, 2011

Happy Halloween!

So right now we are pretty busy with work stuff and baby stuff and life stuff so we didn't have any huge exciting halloween plans, no parties, no costumes (unless you count me wearing lensless 3D movie theater glasses for work... which I don't really count...), and I actually had to work at REI on Halloween night, so in that respect we were pretty boring this year! So because I had to work Halloween night I had a little private Halloween party the night before! Justin hung around for a little, but he was really tired so he went to bed early and I had a fun filled night doing some of my favorite Halloween traditions!

Tradition #1: Pumpkin Carving

This years pumpkin turned out much better than my last years attempt in my opinion (If you can't tell the big pumpkin is eating the little one)

Tradition #2: Drinking Apply Cider!

This was delicious... however I decided afterwards that hot drinks late at night are not good for my prego squished stomach... I had major heart burn after! haha oh well it was for traditions sake!

Tradition #3: Pumpkin Seeds!

Homemade pumpkin seeds! These are the best, you just wash off the seeds from your carved pumpkin and bake them with a little butter and salt! YUM!

Tradition #4: Watching Hocus Pocus

No Halloween would be complete without watching this wonderful treasure from my childhood! Everything about this movie is just fantastic! From the funny one liners to the music! When I was little I can remember running around with some little friends pretending to be the Sanderson Sisters! haha anyways here is a little clip of my favorite song from the movie!