January 2, 2011

Holiday's are da best!

Justin and I LOVE finding reasons to celebrate... we go out to Tucanos (lunch special 12 bucks a person! Thats a deal!) after every semester to celebrate being done with the semester. We like to party after hard tests, by getting ice cream or going to see a movie. And if we don't have a legit reason to celebrate, we'll just make up a random reason! Why you ask? Because celebrating is ALWAYS fun, so why not celebrate things more often?!

Anyways... That is why I LOVE the later part of the year, there are so many legit reasons to celebrate that you don't even have to make up fake holidays! So this post is all about our 3 main holidays that we celebrated in the later part of 2010! Kwanzaa, Hanukah, and Ramadan!

just kidding! we actually celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! (I was going to write that we celebrate these holidays because we are Christian... but that really only applies to Christmas. I don't know why we celebrate Halloween... I've heard it is a pagan tradition... but I like the idea of people giving away free candy and giving children across the country a sugar high that lasts at least a week. And we celebrate Thanksgiving because we are American and we are grateful that the pilgrims survived that first winter in America!)


Anyhoo... sorry I got off on that Tangent! But here is a picture of mine and Justin's pumpkins that we carved this year for Halloween! If anyone knows Justin they will know that he carved the Darth Vader! I think his looks awesome! It totally looks like Vader and it looked amazing when it was all lit up!
Mine on the other hand is kinda struggling and lame! Haha I tried to carve a pirate... and I thought I did a good job till I took off the pattern I used to carve it and noticed it was lop sided and looked more like a dead cow skull... seriously though! Oh well! Note to self... let justin carve next year! haha


The next holiday was Thanksgiving which we celebrated in Vegas! On thanksgiving day we celebrated by playing Football and Ultimate Frisbee with my Uncle Dave's family. Funny story, Justin and Nate really wanted to play football and Dave's family really wanted to play ultimate frisbee and we got dominated in Football, but did real good in ultimate! Anyways, the Doug Robison family needs to work on their football skills and maybe we'll do better in a couple years! haha

Here is Justin and Nate looking all manly and intimidating before the games


This year we celebrated with Justin's family in California! We had an amazing time! It was so fun to visit and play games with Justin's family and I have to brag because Adam and I beat Justin and Jerry in Rook, which both Justin and Jerry said was "Impossible"! Yes that victory was definitely a highlight of the week and brought Adam and I much closer together he now says I'm his favorite sister in law (which is not hard because I'm his only sister in law... but I'll take it while I can!)!

So one of my favorite christmas traditions is to make a gingerbread house! My mom always makes them and I would always help her but since this was my first Christmas away from my family It was also my first solo gingerbread house without my momma! It was way fun and I had a lot of help from Justin, Adam and Momma Martin! Anyways it looks a lot like my families house that they made in Vegas... but I have great plans for my next solo gingerbread house! And I think it will become a fun competition with my mom and sisters in the future!

This is a pic of Justin and i with our Christmas PJ's! They are very comfy!

Anyways! All-in-all we had an amazing time in California during Christmas, in Vegas for Thanksgiving, and in Provo where friends and family help us celebrate all those other random holidays!