September 26, 2010

Wow! Where have we been all summer???

Wow! It has been a loooong time since i've posted! As you can probably see, since my last post was in June... but its just cause life has been busy and awesome! So I'm gonna try to give a little recap on our summer... I'll for sure leave some things out but that's just how it goes!
So, between school, work, and fun we had a pretty full summer! So i'm going to go through these 3 categories one by one!


I took the summer off of school so I have nothing to add to this category!
Justin on the other hand was very busy with classes at BYU, and with applying to medical schools. All I have to say is that people who apply to med school or any other type of post bachelor schooling are CRAZY!! It's such a long process, but we're almost done! (hopefully... fingers crossed!) Justin has done amazing through it all though! I am so proud of him and appreciate all that he is doing for our future!

Justin took the MCAT in May, then did the first round of applications, then he did secondary applications throughout June and July, and he's been busy with the inte
rview process since August. So far he has interviewed at 3 schools throughout Texas. He has two more interviews scheduled in Texas this next week, and another at the Un
iversity of Utah later in October. We are thrilled with how the
process is going so far and are hoping to get results back by February. It's a long wait, but I know it will be worth it in the end!

The picture on the right is Justin looking totally handsome for a interview he had in Lubbock, Texas.


this summer Justin got promoted in his research lab from being an unpaid student to a paid researchee! He loves his job and finds the research they are doing fascinating!

I worked part time at both Outdoors Unlimited and at CLAS Ropes course. Working at the ropes course was a great experience and a TON of fun!
The best part was getting to take family and friends to the course to climb and canoe.We got to go canoeing with our Utah family, and it was so fun watching our nieces and nephew canoe down the Provo River and I wish I had pictures to post of them, they are so funny!
I was also able to bring my family to the course and put them on a couple high adventure activities. The pictures below are on a activity we call the Leap of Faith, where you have to climb up a tree pole and then jump off the top to try and grab a trapese. It's really scary, but Justin, all of my siblings, and even my mom made the leap of faith!

This is a picture of the pole and the family standing around it waiting in horror for their turn to climb! haha just kidding... kind of.

Well, I started this post too late, and I'm getting tired! So... I'll save the update on the rest of our summer for another post, hopefully i'll get to it soon!