February 13, 2011



For those of you who have not had the experience, nay
the privilege, of playing BANG, shame on you! You need to go out and buy it! Or find some friends who already own it! Or if you can't justify spending the money on a game for yourself, just be like Justin and I and buy it for someone as a christmas present and then invite yourselves over to play it all the time! We have been playing BANG since last Christmas when we got it for Brett and Jenae (It was kind of a selfish present because we knew we'd get to play it with them... but I think they have enjoyed it a
s well, so I don't feel so bad!).

I'll give a short summary of how to play BANG. Each playerpics a character to play as, and a role. Each character has a special "super power" you might say, so some characters are WAY better than others! Some of my favorite include Willy the Kid,Slab the Killer, and anew favorite is Big Spencer (he gets 10 life points for the whole game, so he's way hard to kill!) Anyways each player also gets a role that he or she has to play by the whole game. For example if you are the Sheriff you have to try and kill all the outlaws (this is the worst position in my opinion). If you are one of the outlaws you have to try and kill the sheriff (This is the best position in my opinion!)!
Also just a side note, when you play they have the instructions written in both english and another language. This language is Italian, NOT SPANISH! Italian... it took us like 4 months of playing before anyone realized that...
that is all.

Well, anyways, A couple weeks ago we got together with some friends to have an ultimate BANG night! We all got dressed up in our best cowboy getups, had wonderful vittls (mexican food), and drank some good ole' IBC beer, ROOT BEER, that is!
And then of course once pictures were taken and dinner served we pulled out the cards and played BANG!

Here are Dan and Marie shooting each other.

Check out the belt Buckles!

Justin and I found most of this at DI! I wish I got a good picture of my 7 dollar boots (I'm pretty sure they were meant for 8 year old boys because they are 2 sizes too small! But... they were 7 dollars... so... nuff said!).

It was great night and even though I did not win any of the games there was great food and great company so what more can you ask for?!

ps. If anyone wants to have another western/BANG night justin and I have the costumes! Our inspiration was John Wayne, and I think we trully embodied the awesomeness of his western aura.