July 24, 2012

White Coat Ceramony

So I have officially lost my Husband for the next 4 years... sigh... :)
This past Sunday we attended Justin's White Coat Ceramony which signifies his entry into medical school.  The parts of the ceremony that I saw were very impressive!  Unfortunatly Trace did not find them as entertaining as I did, which is why I spent most of the ceremony out in the hall... 

This was who I got to hang out with while the ceremony was going on!
He played in the grass for the first time! and subsequently ate grass for the first time...
But I was able to see the important parts before Trace freaked out!  Justin and the rest of his class walked in. Then later he walked up on stage and got his white coat (the symbol of a healer), and after that they all took the Hippocratic Oath and promised to help the world!
Justin walking down after recieving his white coat!
Thanks to Justin's Mom for taking these great pictures!
Justin's parents took time off from their busy, busy post mission lives to come down and celebrate this happy day with us!  

Trace still has not mastered looking at the camera and smiling..

Trace loves his dada!
And all in all it was a great day to celebrate Justin's achievements thus far! Good luck on the next 4 years Justin!!

July 11, 2012

Justin? Where's the truck?!

Last month we moved to San Antonio!

Oh ya, if you haven't heard, Justin got accepted into UT San Antonio for medical school!  So after 10 minutes of deliberations over which school we should attend, we decided to go to San Antonio instead of El Paso!

So anyways, at the beginning of June we moved down to San Antonio.  We were way excited as you can see in this picture.

Packing for the move was pretty easy since we had been living in Justin's parents house and really hadn't had to unpack any of our stuff from our previous move.  So the only new stuff we had to pack was Trace's stuff.
Side note:  I was shocked at how much stuff we accumulated for Trace!  Goodness Kid!  Babies add so much stuff to your life... clothes, diapers, furniture, it really is crazy!

The actual move was awesome!  I had to drive alone with Trace in the car to San Antonio while Justin drove the truck, and due to prior experience I was fully prepared to listen to whining and crying the whole 5 hours.  But a small miracle happened that day (with a little help from my best friend, Baby Tylenol) and Trace slept for the first 4 hours of the trip and then cooed happily for the rest!  Thank goodness!

That night we unpacked the entire truck with some help from our new neighbor Jessie who was kind enough to come down, introduce himself, and then offer to help Justin with all our heavy furniture.  I mean, I was fully prepared to use my insane upper body strength to aid Justin in moving all that heavy stuff, but when Jessie came down I figured I would let him and Justin have some male bonding time.  I know, I am such an amazing wife, right?! ;)

The next day we spent the whole morning inside our apartment unpacking and when we came out to take our handy dandy Budget truck back to the dealer it was MISSING!  As in, the parking space where Justin parked it the night before was empty!  We quickly visited the front office of the apartment complex and found out that it had not been towed, therefore someone had STOLEN it!  what the?!  Who steals a moving van?!

So Justin called the police who sent out an officer to our apartment and while we were talking with him we got a call from an apartment complex about 20 minutes South of us saying that they were going to tow our truck if we didn't move it out of their parking lot soon.  I think they were expecting us to be bummed about possibly being towed, but we were just elated that they found our moving truck!  So we asked them to hold the truck there, we through Trace in the car, and went down to reclaim our stolen truck.

I guess someone had just been looking for a moving van and when they saw ours they decided it would work! They popped the locks and then took a screw driver to the ignition.  Since it was stolen Budget didn't charge us for any of the damages, and they even came and picked up the van and towed it back for us!  So, all's well that ends well!

I'm not even mad really.  I think it's a funny story!  But I still wonder what the truck hijackers were needing to move so badly?  A really big dead body?!  Toys stuffed with drugs?!  Stolen art worth millions of dollars?!  The possibilities are endless really... let me know your theories!  And come visit us in San Antonio sometime!  Though we can't promise your car won't get stolen... :)