July 17, 2011

We're having a BOY!!!

WOW I am waaaaay behind on my blogging but just in case anyone had not heard our great news we are having a baby, and on Friday we had our first ultrasound! I was at 17 weeks so we were not sure if they'd be able to tell the gender of the baby yet but we had a great ultrasound tech named Marlo who was able to poke around and find just the right spot to tell!

Justin thought we would be having a girl, and I thought we'd be having a boy (because I'd had a couple dreams with a baby boy in them... not that that means a whole lot or anything... but I just had a hunch). But we were both just so excited to find out what we would be having and that our baby was healthy so what ever the gender ended up being we would have been thrilled! I just don't understand how some people can wait the whole 9 months and be surprised at the end... I am just not that patient I guess because that wait would kill me!

This was the first shot of the baby that we saw! Isn't the little alien cute! He looks like Justin already! haha just kidding Justin! But seriously... at this stage babies look a lot like the aliens from the last Indiana Jones movie! But don't get me wrong, I love him so much already and I started tearing up when I saw his cute little face!

The next thing we found out is that he is very healthy as of right now... no abnormal issues or anything, so that was such a relief! I think that I stared tearing up again when I found that out!

Next thing we know we hear Marlo the Ultrasound Tech say "Well that is a hundred percent Boy!" And at that point Justin got a huge smile on his face! Haha I am pretty sure that this is Justin's favorite of all the pictures we got. Haha so funny! I think that it is a Male thing to want at least one Boy so that your last name gets passed onto future generations or something like that... Suffice it to say this little guy already has a proud father! I was just so happy to find out that he was healthy, but I must say it all seems more real now that the thing inside of me is a HE and not an IT!
There are a couple other things we found out. First, he has long legs for his body size (probably the second thing that Justin is most excited about... he is convinced that all our children are doomed to shortness). And second, that the due date is now December 22nd instead of the 23rd (Sorry Jenae!)! Which is awesome because it brings it one day farther away from Christmas! In case you don't know I have a fear that he will come on Christmas which I think would stink for him growning up... but I'll have to discuss that one on a different post!

Here are a couple more pictures we got! This one is of his feet My dad thinks he has 9 toes... 6 on one foot and 3 on the other haha... so we'll have to keep an eye on that! And the next picture is of our little boy waving hello to the world!

Justin and I are both so excited and happy about our little boy and we can't wait to get to meet him in 4 months and 3 weeks!