April 5, 2014

Brinley Kristine Martin

Today Brinley is 6 months old!  I don't know why it always surprises me when time flies by... but it does!  It seems like only yesterday I found out that I was pregnant with little brinners!  Since I have never posted about her I figured I'd do a 6 month/birth/pregnancy catch up all in one!  So here we go! There are some cute pictures so if you don't want to read all of my ramblings I invite you to just browse the pictures!


I found out I was pregers with little Brinners back in March.  At the time I was teaching 7th grade science, and I was trying to figure out why I felt so sick and tired all the time.  For some reason it just didn't register that I could be pregnant until I went to go grocery shopping one day.  I remember walking down the chip isle at HEP and suddenly feeling nausious thinking about the dinner I was going to make, and getting this strong craving for potato chips and chocolate!  At that point it hit me that I was probably pregnant so I grabbed some ruffles, a wide array of chocolate candy, and a pregnancy test and then went home!  :)  We were both pretty surprised, but extrememly excited to have another baby!  

We were surprised when I went in to my first OB appointment that Brinley was a much farther along than we thought!  Hence why we announced that we were pregnant and that we already new the gender at the same time!  (This came as a shock to a lot of my family, but it wasn't done intentionally I promise!)  I appreciated that she was farther along, that meant that I wouldn't be pregnant for as long!  Winning!

Our first family pictures where I actualy look pregnant!
It was a long hot summer here in San Antonio!  I felt like I had to stay inside most of the time because it was just so so hot!  We had a early labor scare that sent me to the hospital for a night, and there were some other issues that came up during the pregnancy.  But I had a lot of support from great friends here in San Antonio who looked after me and listen to all my pregnant lady grumbling!  I am forever grateful to them for their care!  

Birth Story:
Trace came 10 days early, which was awesome!  But we weren't sure what to expect from Brinner so although I wanted her to come early I didn't think it would actually happen.  So 10 days before her due date Justin and I decided to try to get in one last date before our life ended (having a new baby sometimes feels like social death for the first few months)!  The plan was to go to Outback and then to go see a movie (Gravity in 3D, which the science teacher in me was so excited to see).  Dinner was delicious!  You gotta love Outback bread and steak!   However i had started to feel some contractions, so I started to time them.  At dinner they were not too consistent or painful so I didn't worry about it.  However, once we got to the movie theater we had to stand in line to wait for the theater to be cleaned and while standing in like those contractions kicked into gear!  I asked justin to go get a refund for our tickets and then we went home.  (BTW I finally saw Gravity a couple weeks ago and it would have been so amazing at the theater... sigh.  Oh well!)

My friend Rachel was watching Trace for our date and she offered to watch him a little longer while we decided what to do.  I decided to take a bath, and in the bath the contractions stopped.  So Justin went and picked up Trace and I went to bed.  At 4am the contractions woke me up and at 6am we called Rachel to come over and watch Trace so that we could go into the hospital!  I called my mom and of course she was able to get on a plane and arrive just in time (literally 10 minutes before I had to start pushing) for Brinley's birth at 1:38 pm on October 5th!  She was 7lb 15oz and 19.5 inches long!  We were originaly going to name her Hailey, however when she came out she had these huge cheeks and dark hair and for some reason the name (as much as I
loved it)  just didn't fit!  So Brinley was the name!

The last 6 months! 

To say that nursing was a struggle is an understatement :)  We just coulnd't figure it out!!  I will spare you all the gross grusom details! (but if you want to know them then just ask me, cause some were crazy!)  But after two weeks of blood sweat and tears we decided switch her to formula.  It was a hard decision to make (lots of emotions come back now even just thinking of it)  But it was the right descision for our family.  And Brinley seems to be just as healthy and happy as Trace ever was so I'm not too worried about it anymore!  
Brinners struggled/struggles with reflux and constipation, so she is on medicine for both of those and since we've figured that out she has just been a doll!  I love having a little girl to dress up and enjoy!  She started smiling at 1 month, but she really started getting her personality at 2 months.  She is the easiest baby to make smile!  Not the easiest to get to laugh however.  She saves her laughs for when she is trully enjoying an experience :) Trace is actually the best at making her laugh!  All he has to do is smile at her or do something silly and her eyes just light up!  I love that they already love and enjoy each other!  
Brinley at 1 month (Trace at 2 years)

Brinley at 3 months
Happy Girl!
Brinners at 6 months

Brinley is such a ray of sunshine in our family!  She is a sometimes sitter, and easily distractable eater, an adoring little sister, and an easy smiler, a patient second child (thank goodness!), and a beautiful daughter of god!  I love her so much, and I am so greatful for the opportunity I get to be her mommy!