October 23, 2011

There's Gonna Be A New Sherif In Texas!

This past week I was blessed enough to get to travel to my hometown of Las Vegas NV for a baby shower that some AMAZING ladies from the Summerlin Ward put on for me! Here are some pictures form the shower, and I can't take credit for them because they were all taken by my beautiful little sister Kelly!

The shower was at one of my old Young Women's leaders houses, Erin Truman, and she went all out! The theme was western because Justin and I are living Texas right now, and the whole thing was just fantastic! Her house was decked out in cowboy decor but it literally looked like that was how her house was normally decorated! She did an amazing job!
When you left, you passed this mirror area and got your own Sherif's Badge (star cookie cutters!) to take home! So cute right?!

The food was TO DIE FOR! There were Texas Sliders (pulled pork sandwitches), Baked Beans, Pasta Salad, delicious Friut, Cowboy Cookies, Texas Sheet Cake, and IBC Rootbeer! All of which are some of my favorite foods!

But most of all it was so fun to just be able to see all of my wonderful friends and family from home who I either grew up with or who helped to raise me as I was growing up! Honestly though... everyone who was at the shower just felt like extended family and I was so overwhelmed by all of the love and support I felt from everyone there! Unfortunatly I only have a few pics of everyone who came!

Here is a big wide shot of the shower and all the pretty ladies!

Jamie Miller!! She is the best!

Sister Jensen, Aunt Joni and my cute cousin Jamie!

This my wonderful Grandma Robison

In the end a fun time was had by all!

And my little sister Katie found a new favorite baby blanket! haha this is a blanket that Jill Nielson made for my little guy! But Katie immediatly snatched it up and then proceeded to pass out on it, on the floor, for a good 45 minutes!

So anyways, a HUGE thank you to all who helped with the shower, all who attended, and all who wanted to attend! Again I feel so loved right now and when I get a little nervous about becoming a mom and all that that entails I just remember all the amazing people in my life and I know I'm not alone, and that I'll be able to make it!

October 5, 2011

Story of a Pregnant Lady!

I have had a lot of requests to update my blog with prego pictures so here we go! Unfortunatley I did not take specific pregnant pictures during the earlier weeks of my pregnancy so I had to go back to a few pics and doctor them up a little bit to show my belly!

This is kinda a funny/gross picture but its for posterity's sake people so don't you judge me! :) Justin and I found out we were pregnant the morning of our BYU graduation. But my brother Nate was staying with us at the time and we didn't want him to know yet so we took this picture later on! How much later on you ask? haha... I'm too embarrassed to say...!

This pic was taken at week 12, right after the Mavericks won the NBA Championship! And we were also moving to Dallas a few weeks later so this poster seemed fitting!

The next picture I have is from our annual Lake Powell trip in July. Here Justin and I are in my families yearly Rainbow Bridge picture and I am just at 16 weeks pregnant! The baby bumb is starting to show!

This one makes me smile! This is my cousin Nikki and I doing our "We're Pregnant!" pose in a goofy family picture! I was just at 20 weeks when this picture was taken and in this dress I feel like I look HUGE! haha

Here I am at week 24
(Sorry for the bad lighting)

And this was taken at 29 weeks along!

A few more things I wanted to write down just for my sake so I don't forget them:

First trimester craving: Jamba Juice's Strawberry Surfrider, Pomagranate Passion, and Razzmatazz smoothies! Fruit sounded so good to me all the time! I was totally fine with this craving though cause fruit is healthy!

Second Trimester Craving: McDonalds cheeseburgers! OK... not so healthy... but its just the simple cheeseburger, no double double or Big Macs! AND, one cheeseburger is only 300 calories so that's not so bad! haha (this is what I have to tell myself every time I order one... which I try to limit myself to 2 per week, and I normally only have one per week! That's pretty good right?!)

Third Trimester Craving: To be determined!