June 13, 2010

Summer Bucket List

I am a huge fan of Bucket Lists! I've made a couple lists in my time, and it is so fun to make goals and get them checked off. So Justin and I have made a bucket list for this summer! We made the list in April, so some of these things we have already checked off the list...

1. Go to Moab to visit family and Arches!

Justin has a lot of family in Moab Utah, that combined with the fact that I've never been there and its an amazing place for outdoor adventures made going to Moab one of the top goals on our Bucket List!
We visited with Justin's sister Alyssa and her kids! It was so much fun. We went to Arches and hiked Delicate Arch which was an adventure in itself. The day we were there was sooo windy! We were almost blown away, but managed to make it to the Delicate Arch and back with out any major injuries!
We camped in Justin's Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's
backyard, because all the Moab campgrounds were totally full, which we learned after we accidentally set up camp on a site that was already reserved... that was fun! haha And we learned a new game called "Pooping Potatoes", if you're interested in how to play this great game, just ask us some time! Justin would be happy to show you!
I loved Moab, and I want to go back again, but maybe not this summer just cause it would be really hot. So maybe this fall! I want to bring mountain bikes this next trip and do Slickrock! We'll see if that happens!
Anyways for this particular bucket list we can check visiting Moab off the list.
Status: CHECK!

2. Visit Justin's family in California

Justin's family lives in California where his parents are mission presidents for the San Fernando spanish speaking mission. His brother Adam is with them, and his Sister Camie and her family also live out there.
After Justin finished taking the MCAT we got out of Utah and made a bee line for Cali! We loved visiting Justin's family! We went to an aquarium with his mom, sister, and our two nephews. And then we went to the Santa Monica beach pier!

Santa Monica Beach Pier

Justin and I ridding on the Ferris Wheel on the Pier

We loved the trip and hope to get back again soon!!
Status: CHECK

3. Hike Mt. Timpanogos.
For as long as I have been going to BYU I have yet to summit Timp. So this summer we will do just that! That is of course if Utah weather decides to get warmer... it snowed like 3 weeks ago, and its been in the 50's for the past few days! But I have hope that winter will eventually end! haha

4. Go horseback riding
I have a lot of family in Idaho and one of my cousins Melissa and her Husband Steve offered to take us Horseback riding sometime! So we have got to get up there for that!

5. Do some wake boarding and wake surfing at Lake Powell!
Going to Lake Powell is a Robison family tradition, and we are actually hoping to go twice this summer! Lake Powell is basically the best place ever! yep... pretty much!

6. Run a 10K
I have never been a runner, and I still don't consider my self a runner... but I think I could do a 10k! so its on the bucket list. I don't have a race picked out yet, so I should probably get on that! or maybe I'll just run the 6 point whatever miles it is sometime and count that! haha

7. Justin wants to Golf everyday...
this is not a realistic goal but he would love to go golfing as often as he can! He signed up for 2 different golf classes for summer term, so he'll get to go 4 hours a day two times a week! Hopefully that will satisfy his new obsession! haha

8. Go Fishing
I really want to catch a fish this summer! I don't know how I'll get that done, but I have a few uncles and cousins who are into fishing so maybe I can talk one of them into helping out with this one!
Status: WE'll SEE...

Ok, so I think that I have forgotten a few but, this is the general gist of the list!

Anyways, I'll keep you all posted on how the bucket list is doing throughout the summer!