November 14, 2010


I just posted 3 posts in one month... now make it 4!
That is a BIG deal!
That is all...

Happy Birthday to Justin! .

¡feliz cumpleaƱos! (spanish)
Boldog Szuletesnapot! (hungarian)
Happy Birthday! (english)

Justin recently turned the BIG 24!

This year is going to be an awesome year for Justin for a few reasons! First, he is graduating from BYU! Which is an amazing feat, seeing as how he has lived through both O-Chem's other crazy science classes! Second, he won't be 23 anymore... which for some reason he claims is the worst age ever (I think he just says that to scare me because I am going to be 23 in January). And third, he is one year away from getting cheaper car insurance!! Hurray!!

To celebrate we had parties all weekend long!

On Friday Jenae and her girls came over to watch the Heat game, and then our friends the Neff's and Kayla and Trent came over for some cheesecake and BANG!

Here are Justin & Rachel chilling on the Love Sac

And here is Ashlin who decided that everything tastes better with popcorn on it! Including cheesecake and water! :)

It was a fun night! Thanks to everyone for coming to help us celebrate!

That Sunday we went over to Brett and Jenae's to celebrate his birthday with them and Alyssa and her kids! Kate was so cute, she really wanted to have cake with Uncle Justin, so Alyssa made this amazing pumpkin cheesecake (by the way, cheesecake is Justin's favorite which is why we had so much of it over the weekend! haha)

Then we all celebrated by dancing to one of our favorite Youtube video's! We danced to this video last year on Justin's birthday, and of course we had to carry on the tradition! I didn't video our dancing but I thought I'd share the youtube video with everyone, it makes for a great DP (dance party)

November 13, 2010

Ode to Doc Holliday: my favorite outlaw relative!

On the way to Colorado Springs we were driving through this tiny town and I saw this sign for Doc Holliday's grave site... now to a normal person this would not have been a big deal, but I am distantly related to Doc Holliday, so of course we had to stop to check it out!

Doc Holliday was a famous gambler and gunfighter in the old American West! He was also a doctor, hence the "Doc" part. I have always been very proud of this relative even though we are very very distantly related... but hey, not everyone can say that they have a famous gambler and gunfighter of the American West in their family tree! :)

Here is me taking a picture next to his face on the sign!
Can you see the family resemblance?

Pikes Peak and Beyond!

So a couple months ago Justin and I took a road trip out to Colorado Springs to visit one of Justin's friends Kyle, and I am just now getting around to blogging about it! Colorado Springs is GORGEOUS! I would totally live there one day... it's a big city but it has a small town feeling, loved it!

While we were there we did a really hard hike called The Incline or as Kyle called it "natures stair-master". The trail is a mile straight up the mountain. A train or something used to go up the same path because there are just old wooden rail road railings all the way to the top! It was so hard, but definitely worth it for the view!

Here's are some pre-hike pictures...

Justin and Kyle

I took some pictures throughout the hike, and at the top, but they didn't really turn out... too bad!

The next day we helped Kyle propose to his girlfriend Keri Lyn. So we drove to the tope of Pike's Peak which is the highest peak in Colorado, or America, or something like that! haha

It was an amazing view from the top, and the park rangers had to check the temperature of our brakes on the way down to make sure they didn't give out on us... I guess it's a really steep drive and brakes are a common issue!

Oh ya I almost forgot, we set up a blanket with flowers on it for Kyle and Keri to have a picnic on and then he proposed to her, and she said YES! so happy!

Also at the top of Pike's Peak there was this funny mountain man statue that I thought was cool... so here's a picture!
I wanted Justin to pose like him, but he didn't feel good... so instead just look at this mountain man and pretend that Justin is posing next to him
... I'm sure it would have been a really funny picture!