October 13, 2012

Trace the Gecko Slayer

Let me preface this story by saying that Texas has geckos.  It freaked me out the first time I saw one, because they come inside houses and crawl around on the ground and wall and stuff.  However they actually play a very helpful role in the house because they eat little bugs!

Anyways, about 2 months ago Trace, Justin, and I were just hanging out at the apartment.  It was a typical day, Justin was studying, I was doing who knows what, and Trace was playing in the kitchen.  He was going through a pretty drooly stage in his life (and he still is... when does that stage end?!).   And it was not uncommon for us to find random puddles of drool around the house marking the places where Trace had spent more than 10 seconds.  Well, he played in there for a while and then crawled on to find  more exciting trouble to get into.

Later on Justin went into the kitchen and looked down to find a poor little gecko barely moving, sitting in an abandoned pile of drool... WHAT?!?!?! SICK!!!

So pretty much this is how I see the whole thing going down...

The poor gecko is just scuttling around minding his own business eating bugs when all of a sudden out of no where a little 7 month old Trace comes crawling around the corner.  The gecko decides it should probably take off and starts to run away, but Trace has spotted him, and somehow manages to catch him.  How that happened? I have know idea because Geckos are pretty fast and Trace was not the most coordinated crawler at this point.  Anyways, after he catches the Gecko he does what any normal person would do and stuffs it into his mouth because maybe it will taste good.  But the gecko will not go down without a fight and starts wiggling around, startling Trace who spits him out onto the floor, makes a weird face, and crawls away thinking, "that was not food!"

That's the most likely story... but I personally like the version that Jenae came up with.  The gecko was sprinting across the kitchen floor and slipped in one of Trace's drool puddles and broke his legs so he could not move which is why he was still lying there when Justin walked into the kitchen.  That version makes me feel better as a mother.  I'd rather not think that my son had a reptile in his mouth.  Who knows what sorts of things were living on it... sick...

Anyways, I have made up a little song to warn any other geckos that might be still living in the apartment... feel free to sing along as you read it!

It looks like we have a gecko slayer in the apartment!
He's crawlin' round your floor,
snatchin' your geckos up,
tryin' to eat them,
so you better hide your kids,
hide your wife,
hide your kids,
hide your wife,
and hide your husband cause he's eatin e'rybody in here!

I know, it's a pretty good song... I bet if we made a youtube video out if it'd go viral!  I'm just sayin'!  Well anyways, this was a true story, and I just wanted to write it down somewhere before I forgot it.  We sure do love the little guy, and we are so happy to have him in our lives!  :)