May 27, 2012

My first official Mother's Day

So, this year was my first official mother's day.  And I just have to say that who ever decided we should have a day solely devoted to celebrating mothers should have a monument made for them... or something.
I have always loved mother's day anyways, (because I have pretty much the best mother EVER!  And I am pretty sure that my mother in-law, and sister in-laws, and grandmas, and aunts, and friends, and friends mom's are some of the most amazing women on earth!!).  It's so fun to celebrate your mom and treat her like the most amazing person in the world, because she is!  But now to be on the receiving end of mother's day celebrations, to actually get to cash in on this great day and all that goes with it... well it's like having a second birthday!  And you could say that I am a fan.

So anyways, since this was my first mother's day Justin went all out.  I'm talking, roses, a funny card, breakfast in bed, cleaning the house, watching Trace so I could sleep some more, making dinner, and tickets to a Ranger's game!  (I know, I know, I have a pretty amazing man!)  

Here are some pictures of the festivities...
Thanks for the card and flowers Trace!
Um look at Trace's face when we lit the candle... can you say future Pyro?!
Justin humored me by taking some family photos before the game.
Yu Darvish was pitching.
My two guys!
This is one of my favorite pictures of them.

Rangers stadium is so beautiful!
The game was the following Wednesday, we played Oakland, and we won!  So you can't be upset about that!  Anyways, all in all it was a fantastic mother's day/second birthday.  Now I just have to plan for Justin's first fathers day... he has set the bar pretty high!  If you have any good ideas let me know!