December 1, 2011

Yellowstone Trip and why I HATE Volcanoes

This past summer we took a weekend to go up to my families cabin in Island Park Idaho, and while we were there we went to Yellowstone! This area of the country is beautiful and it is my favorite place in the world!

Here is us after watching Old Faithful which was as old and as faithful as always... Justin made fun of me because there was this little blue bird flittering around and I took more pictures of that blue bird than I did of old faithful... unfortunately none of them turned out or else that cute little bird would have been starring in this post as well!

Some beautiful, scalding hot pools of death! Looking at these pools reminded me that we were standing on top of a giant super volcano that is due to explode very soon and when it does it will destroy almost everything in the north west corner of the US...

Random Tangent:
You might wonder why I talk about Yellowstone being
a giant crater of death. That comment is due to my fear of volcanoes which was instilled in me at the early age of 9 after my Dad let me watch Dantes Peak with him.
I thought is was just going to be some documentary on a volcano that exploded once upon a time, instead it is about a volcano exploding and destroying a little town, and (SPOILER ALERT!) the sweet old lady grandma dies in the end from acid
water! I mean her legs literally get eaten off by acid... and then they leave her to die, alone in the woods... I shudder just thinking about it!
Seriously though... I was actually terrified to shower for months after watching that movie... I mean I would still shower and all, but I would only stand in the water long enough to get wet, and then I would soap down and shampoo and condition and all that outside of the water flow, and then I would jump back in and wash off really fast! haha needless to say my shower time was record breaking haha! Justin probably wishes my showers were still that short haha!
But just a word of warning to the few of you who actually get this far into my tangent... DO NOT SHOWER IF A VOLCANO ERUPTS NEAR YOUR HOUSE!!! THE ACID WATER WILL KILL YOU! you have been warned...
Anyways, now I'll get back to very fun Yellowstone post!

We saw more wild life on this trip than I have ever seen in Yellowstone, which is saying a lot because I have probably visited Yellowstone at least 18 times in my life... we saw buffalo (or bison), elk, A BEAR (first wild bear i've ever seen), and a bald eagle! Here is a picture of the bald eagle just chillin on a this dead tree with his bird friend!

And then we finished off the day hanging out with Justin's best friend Kyle Roeser and his wonderful fiance at the time Stella! (Roeser and Stella are now happily married and doing just fantastic!)
All in all it was an awesome trip! You just can't beat a fun filled weekend at the cabin! And as I said earlier, Island Park is my favorite place to be! So even with the dangerous volcano right down the road I would still choose to be there over anywhere else in the world!