October 29, 2010

Kid's Say the Darndest Things!

Justin and I are primary teachers in our ward and we LOVE it! Kids just say the darndest things sometimes! So I thought I'd take the time to write down some of the hilarious things we've heard in the past 6 months.

1. The primary kids sang a song in sacrament meeting for mothers day, and they sounded really good! Later in primary the primary president Sister Smith said "Wow! You guys did such a great job singing today! You sounded really good!" and this little kid whos probably 5 years old yelled out "That's cause I wasn't up there!" haha sad thing is it was probably true cause this particular kid likes to sing random words at the top of his lungs during songs which makes the other kids laugh but drives poor sister smith crazy!

2. Justin and I specifically teach the 8 9 and 10 year olds which is awesome cause we actually get to talk about spiritual things sometimes when they are calm enough! But one day in class justin was teaching and I was sitting in between the girls to keep them from talking too much. I thought this one girl had been paying attention the whole time but then she turned, looked straight at me, and exclaimed "I've never had a piece of pie! Isn't that weird?!" then she turned around and didn't say another word for the rest of the class... yes it was weird...

3. A couple months ago I was incharge of the lesson on David and Bethsheba. This was a hard lesson to teach cause for the previous three lessons we had taught the kids about how David was this awesome Stud of a guy! they loved him in David and Goliath, and now I had to explain to them that he messed up, BIG TIME!
So I'm reading the lesson manuel and it says "don't explain the fullness of David's sin" and I thought well how can I do that? So i decided to just wing it and let the chips fall where they may.
During class I start to explain that David sinned and the kids ask "What did he do?" So I tell them that there was this beautiful lady named Bathsheba and that David liked her alot. But then I told that both David and Bathsheba were married. And right after I said that this boy in the back yells out "Oh! so he Cheated!!! And after he said that all the other kids go "Oh, he cheated! Oh I see!" Justin and I looked at eachother and didn't know wether to laugh or be sad that all these kids understood the concept of cheating... I still don't know!

4. Last story! We were singing a song during singing time last week and the chorister said "we'll sing it without any help (in reference to posters she puts up with words on them) and if you can make it all the way through we won't have to redue it. But if you forget the words to any of the verses we'll have to sing it again with help." Of course all the kids are excited to prove their singing and memory skills, because using the words is just so "uncool"! So we start singing and in the end she makes us sing the second and third verses over again. One of the boys asked her why we had to sing them again and she said "Because you guys were struggling with these verses." the kid then yells back "We weren't struggling, Brother Martin was struggling!" haha he totally called Justin out! I laughed so hard!
Justin and I struggle through the songs sometimes, but we are working on it.

If you're looking for a good time in a couple Sundays we're having our primary program which will feature Justin basically singing a solo (a song with the one senior primary boy and all 3 of the male teachers). And me doing sign language while singing a song with my 5 activity day's girls... it's gonna be a seriously hilarious sacrament meeting!

Anyways, these were just a few of the funny things that happen in our primary! The kids are so fun, and we love working with them!