April 21, 2010

We Moved!!!

This past month has been crazy! Justin and I are both still in school, I'm working, and justin is getting ready for med school applications and the MCAT, so I haven't had time to blog until now! But in all the spare time we have we decided to move to a new apartment!
We loved our old apartment at Wymount but we found a place that is cheaper, has a bigger kitchen, more storage space, and we have some pretty cool neighbors as well! My cousin Kayla and her Husband Trent live right across the wall, and we are loving having them next door!

Our door and Kayla and Trent's door, Kayla's is the one with the cute spring time decoration on it... i'm still working on our door decoration!

So I thought I would post some pictures of our new place and also list a couple of the reasons why we love living here!

1. The Bathroom Door

Apparently the people who lived in our apartment before us were also cheap college students. The evidence for this is our bathroom toilet and door, as you can see there is a hole in the door to allow for it to pass by the toilet.
The following story is just our guess at how the hole in the bathroom door came to be.
At one point the people who lived here before us apparently needed a new toilet, and the toilet they bought was a little bigger than what the bathroom was originally intended for. So, once they installed this "too large" toilet they realized that the door would not fully open because the toilet was blocking its swinging path. As you can imagine, this would make it difficult to enter into the bathroom, which would be a problem. So, how did they fix this horrible problem you ask?! Instead of returning the "too large" toilet and trading it in for a smaller one they decided to alter the door so that it would fit around the toilet... Ingenious if you ask me!
its hard to explain but I think that the pictures explain it all! As you can see, when the door is shut you can see completely through the hole, to the other side! When we saw the hole we about died and I'm pretty sure its our favorite part of the apartment now!

2. The Neighborhood
Our apartment is kind of in a poorer area in Provo, so we have some pretty fun neighbors! A couple weekends ago one of them decided to smoke some weed for a couple hours, so whenever we walked outside there was a very strong smell in the air! at first I thought it was just cigar smoke, but Justin and Trent both agreed that it was marihuana haha ... great! you wouldn't find that at Wymount!

3. The Carpet
Our carpet is a beautiful shade of kelly green, or as I like to call it Palo Verde green (Palo Verde was my high school and our carpet is the same color as our school colors!) At first I was worried it would bug me, but its really not bad once there is furniture on it! And as our friend Blake Bickmore pointed out, our apartment will always be decorated for St. Patricks day and Christmas!

4. The Hostess Thrift Shop is right across the street!
I love clothing stores like Nordstrom Rack, where they send clothes that are still cute but are missing something like a button so they can't sell them in the normal store. Well who knew that companies did the same thing with food?! I did not, that is until we moved into this apartment!
Right across the street from where we live is the Hostess Thrift Shop, it is where Hostess sends any of its tasty treats that are messed up, do not look right, are going to expire very soon, or are unwanted by the general public.

I've Decided that the Hostess Thrift Shop is kind of like the Island of misfit toys from the Christmas movie Rudolf. For those of you who missed out on this blessed christmas classic, this is an Island where all unwanted broken toys are sent, and they are all very sad because they are unloved and forgotten by the children of the world.

So, like the Island of Misfit toys, this shop is filled with the delicious goodness of hostess. Tons of mini donuts, pies, and cupcakes are just waiting to bought and taken to a warm caring home where they can be eaten! I love it!

5. Our "Celestial" tile.
Our apartment is practically identical to Kayla and Trent's apartment in every way except for two things, the blessed hole in our bathroom door, and the kitchen tile.
Before Justin and I had a chance to look at the place Kayla and Trent did a little scouting for us and peaked in the windows to see how it looked. They were both jealous when they saw pretty nice looking tile in the kitchen. They proceeded to report to us that they thought we might have "real" tile instead of the fake tile that most apartments have. This got Justin and I pretty excited because we have never lived in an apartment with "real" tile before!
So a couple days later we were let into the apartment to look at it and the first thing we did was walk over to the Kitchen to feel the tile, and ... it's fake.... But it is still the nicest looking fake tile I have ever seen!
Anyways, when Kayla and Trent asked us how the tile was we just told them that it was like their tile, only it's in it's celestial state! :)

This was on Easter, you can kind of see the tile around the table!

Honestly though, we love our apartment green carpet and all! And we've had a couple house warming parties so far, here is a picture of Alyssa and her kids over watching the Maveriks vs. Spurs game! And we celebrated Easter here as well, but I don't have any pictures of that.

Anyways, we'll be here for a year or so, so if you want to come by to see the hole in the door you are more than welcome to stop by and take a peek!